A. Grants may be requested once in a 12-month period for which there are 4 deadlines:

  • March 15th for a May consideration.
  • June 15th for an August consideration.
  • September 15th for a November consideration.
  • December 15th for a February consideration.

B. Prior to submitting a grant, send a one-page letter of request (via email or regular mail)  to include:

  • Mission of the organization.
  • Amount of funding to be requested.
  • Purpose of the funding.
  • Benefits to the community of the specific funding.
  • Total cost of the project in question.
  • Fund raising results to date of the project, including a list of the donors to date.
  • A copy of the IRS determination letter.

C. Once approved for a grant request, please respond to the following in this order:

  1. Name of the organization.
  2. Date of this application.
  3. Address of the primary facility.
  4. Website address.
  5. Telephone contact number of the organization.
  6. Email address.
  7. Name of person applying for the organization.
  8. Position in the organization of that person (above).
  9. Telephone contact of the person applying for the organization.
  10. Amount of money requested.
  11. Purpose for which funds would be used.
  12. Benefits to the community of the overall organization.
  13. Benefits to the community of the specific project for which funding is requested.
  14. Other donors to this specific project and amounts contributed to date.
  15. Past donations from The Rich Foundation for any previous project.
  16. Funds requested for a) Capital or b) Operating?
  17. Community partner of United Way a) Yes or b) No?
  18. Recipient of Federal, State or City funding a) Yes or b) No?
  19. Classification: a) Arts & Culture, b) Civic, c) Education, d) Health, e) Environment, or f) Social Welfare?
  20. Attach the following: One copy of this application plus one copy of the following: budget for project, list of board of directors plus their affiliations, the IRS 501(c)3 letter, and, if not previously submitted, a copy of the latest audit.